DEWA programmes help enhance and upskill Emirati workforce

DEWA’s Emiratisation has reached 88.14% in senior management, with the 3,388 total Emirati employees and 587 Emirati female engineers

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has reiterated its commitment to providing a motivational work environment for Emiratis that develops the skills and capabilities of its staff, encourages creativity and innovation, and adopts excellence as a corporate culture and a daily routine.

DEWA has attached great importance to Emiratisation across its different divisions. It has an integrated strategy to prepare Emiratis to hold all technical, engineering, and managerial positions at DEWA. DEWA also continues to attract Emiratis, including experienced employees and fresh graduates.

The managing director and CEO of DEWA, HE Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, said that DEWA’s vision is guided by the directives of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to prepare Emirati caliber that keeps pace with rapid changes, challenges, and international opportunities.

DEWA works to nurture Emirati talents and train its Emirati staff according to the highest international standards. This keeps them updated with the latest developments and technologies in their work areas and provides qualitative jobs that benefit the nation and citizens.

The initiatives are also in line with the UAE Centennial 2071 vision to make the UAE the world’s leading nation. DEWA is one of the largest government organisations that attract Emiratis and is committed to developing their capabilities.

DEWA’s Emiratisation reached 88.14% in senior management, with a total of more than 3,388 Emirati employees in different specialisations and positions. This includes 1,889 employees in technical jobs and more than 587 Emirati female engineers.

DEWA launched several pioneering programmes and projects that empower Emiratis and provide them with tools and skills to become the next generation of experts and leaders in research and development, future-shaping, keeping pace with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and benefiting from disruptive technologies. This helps them lead the water and electricity sectors.

DEWA’s projects include:

DEWA Academy
DEWA launched DEWA Academy in 2013 in cooperation with the UK’s Business and Technology Education Council (BTECH).

The Academy prepares a generation of young Emiratis that realises the importance of vocational work and the nation’s interest in joining a pioneering technical programme that supports the UAE’s efforts in the Emiratisation of technical jobs in the energy and water sectors.

Since its establishment, DEWA Academy has received 428 students, with 229 graduates now working in the Distribution Power, Generation, Transmission Power, and Water & Civil divisions at DEWA.

DEWA Academy focuses on strengthening Emirati youth capabilities by providing vocational training and field training according to the highest standards. Employees who have completed their studies at the Academy are hired in different divisions at DEWA according to their specialisations and DEWA’s needs.

The Academy provides the best technical education programmes, supervised by the Ministry of Education. It also provides specialised engineering and technical subjects under the supervision of BTECH and the help of teachers, engineers and the administrative board.

DEWA Academy is committed to enhancing Emiratisation and preparing a generation that keeps pace with the city and government of the future. This is by developing a world-class educational system, providing required training for the academy students and help them gain hands-on experience that helps them in their education and career.

The 189 students currently enrolled in DEWA Academy for the year 2020-2021 are effectively moving forward with their hybrid education system; online and offline.

DEWA’s state-of-the-art infrastructure maintained the educational process at the Academy according to the highest international standards amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This protects the health and safety of students, teachers and society.

Master Degree
In 2019, DEWA offered a Masters in ‘Future Energy Systems & Technology’ implemented in cooperation with the University of California (UC), Berkeley.

This is in accordance with the national strategy to empower Emiratis and qualify them for leading positions in different areas. Some 35 students graduated from the programme in 2020, and 58 students will graduate in 2021.

Graduates complete working on their graduation projects, in collaboration with DEWA’s technical divisions to turn their studies into practical projects that support DEWA’s success.

DEWA also provides its Emirati employees the opportunity to join the MicroMasters programme at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA.

This is part of DEWA’s strategy to develop the capabilities of young Emiratis and its commitment to continuously develop the skills of its staff according to the highest international educational and training standards.

The specialities for DEWA staff include Statistics & Data Sciences; Supply Chain Management; and Data, Economics & Development Policy.

Frontiers Leadership Development Programme
DEWA launched the Frontiers Leadership Development Programme in 2007, in collaboration with the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government (MBRSG).

Training programmes include Frontiers, Women Leadership, and Future Leaders programmes to develop and benefit from the expertise of others and implement them in the workplace. Since the launch of the programme, a total of 192 participants have graduated.

In 2021, DEWA has launched the 5th batch of the programme in collaboration with the MBRSG. This is in accordance with its objectives to prepare leaders in different areas, and strengthen their skills and capabilities that keep pace with changes and developments in work.

Knowledge-Exchange Programme
As part of its efforts to become a globally leading sustainable innovative corporation depending on qualified Emirati staff, DEWA has started a knowledge-exchange programme with international organisations abroad and within UAE. This aims to train staff on the latest technologies and best practices in energy and water.

Higher studies scholarship programme in the UAE and overseas
DEWA provides post-graduate scholarships for Emiratis to develop their academic career and thus improve the work environment. DEWA provides educational opportunities in technical and rare specialities that are relevant to its areas of work at prestigious universities in the UAE and overseas.

Source: MEP Middle East