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Embracing Emiratisation: Talent development a top priority for du at Careers UAE

The leading telco provider has a proud history of promoting Emiratisation in line with the National Agenda

Dubai, UAE : du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), has confirmed its participation at the upcoming Careers UAE, the personal and professional development event that exclusively caters to current and emerging generations of Emirati talent. Taking place from 15-17 November at Dubai World Trade Center, this year’s Careers UAE will provide a series of invaluable opportunities that position attendees to accelerate entry into their chosen career paths. And as a leading national organisation at the forefront of Emiratisation, du’s involvement will see the telco provider facilitate exposure to employment opportunities within the company and wider telecommunications and ICT industry.

Ibrahim Nassir, Chief Human Resource Officer, EITC, said: “As the UAE looks ahead to a future in which industries continue advancing and the employment landscape becomes even more competitive, the coming period is integral for ensuring local talent can realise their full potential having been equipped with the necessary skills and given chances for employment placements. This is why Careers UAE is such an important platform, and this is why du is proud to represent the telco and ICT industries. We are enthused at the prospect of once again supporting the National Agenda’s Emiratisation mandate over the event’s three-day duration at Dubai World Trade Center. During this time, we aim to connect with as many Emiratis as possible, explore the next phases of their development, and inspire them to consider careers in not only the sector that du belongs to, but also the wider private sector. In doing so, we will help shape the next 50 years of the UAE by providing valuable training and opportunities that prepare countless Emiratis for tomorrow’s competitive, demanding, and evolving industries.”

Over the years, du has become embedded within Emirati culture, emerging as a key player in communicating and promoting the significance of Emiratisation. The organisation continues to demonstrate consistency in its effort to enable economic opportunities for the nationals and youth of the UAE, with involvement at Careers UAE the next stage of this enduring commitment. To further boost ambition, drive progression, and actualize dreams, du will boast an out-of-the-box, futuristic stand to communicate directly and effectively with Emirati youth at the event. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology will be the basis for a fun and engaging journey as they join ‘du city’, a new concept where guests complete a mission to apply for du’s career opportunities. This experience will convey the everyday expedition of the telco’s personnel and teams, enabling audience members to learn and discover, be empowered and challenged, and boost their ambition.

Furthermore, participants will be able to apply for vacancies, internships, and summer jobs through live interviews, inspiring and empowering them to shape their future journeys while engaging with the country’s top leading organisations. Careers UAE is inspired by the UAE’s spirit of bold thinking, determination, and courage, three values that du embraces and encourages as it strives to propel career development at the national level to greater heights over the next five decades.

Source: Zawya