Visitor Testimonials

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

This is my first time visiting the show and I am very impressed with the outcome and happy to be here. It allows me to explore all options before settling down into one field. I look forward to attending it next year.

Aisha 19 years old

This show provides an incredible opportunity to dive straight into networking with regional companies. I’ve had some promising discussions with certain exhibitors and am very excited for what the future holds for the exhibition.

Saif 25 years old

It’s great that there is a variety of private and public sector companies, as I find that it can be quite intimidating for young people to approach such big corporations by themselves.

Fatima Al Blooshi 24 years old

I am very impressed with interactive additions, RollDXB’s pop up was really fun and made the event feel more relaxed as opposed to overwhelming.

Asma Al Zaabi 23 years old

It is a great place to start your career search especially as a fresh graduate and are unsure of which industry to go into. It’s a wonderful experience for the Emirati youth, not only for Dubai, but the UAE overall.

Mansoor Mohammed 24 years old

I am very happy that I decided to come along, I was able to expand my networking circle and also explore some options. I think it is very important to have such events not only to secure jobs, but also learn how to network and mingle with professionals from a younger age.

Latifa 23 years old

I believe Careers UAE has to be one of the best exhibitions I’ve been to for employment. I’ve heard of it from before but with the new addition this year, was very keen on attending. I sat in on some of the talks and sessions taking place, and felt proud of being a young Emirati watching my peers talk about their experiences.

Ahmad Essam 28 years old