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We are Accor This simple name represents more than a company, more than a brand. It represents our thinking, our ambition, our attitude, and our passion. It is us. Today, we reinvent ourselves. Today, we redefine what hospitality can be. So when tomorrow comes, we’re the ones leading the way. Accor has always been an extraordinary company. With our story and strategy, we ensure it’s ahead for years to come. As an Accor Heartist (Employee)...Join a tribe in the heart of experiences, scripting new experiences. Open hearts, to connect hearts. Together, we make the world more welcoming, caring, and inspiring.


United Arab Emirates
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Our human capital is our greatest asset: Hospitality is fundamentally about people, and Accor has a long-standing commitment to its Talents • Hospitality is fundamentally about People – welcoming them, meeting the human desire to connect to others, being open to others and to the world around us, acting with authenticity, respect and responsibility – and the Group’s success relies on its people to deliver the best service and welcome & care for our guests. We therefore naturally place people at the heart of what we do and value our teams as the Group’s greatest strength, • We recognize each person’s unique value, and the talent, passion and dedication that they bring to the Group to serve our guests, allowing us all together to bring to life the unique moments and experiences for our guests that make hospitality so special. • Our focus on our Talents translates into our company culture, with every team member a Heartist® - a contraction of “Heart” and “Artist”: to do everything from the heart with passion, and to be experts in what we do, mastering the art of welcoming and serving others. • We have long been active in supporting our Talents, creating positive opportunities in the local communities where we are present with access to jobs & training, allowing people from all social origins to learn skills, empowering them to grow and develop their talents, and enhancing their professional opportunities. Over 2.5 million hours of training were given to employees in 2020. • We have also long been committed to creating a culture of openness, fostering inclusiveness and diversity, contributing to a society accepting and valuing differences.

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We believe that the world is more welcoming when we’re connected. So that we see what we have in common, instead of what sets us apart. As Heartists®, we care for the world to make it better, by embracing our differences, sharing our cultures, and connecting with people, heart to heart. As Heartists®, we dare ourselves to be better. by challenging what we can do and who we can be, we shape our future. At Accor, every chapter of your story is yours to write. Don’t just live in the moment - own your moment. Unlock limitless possibilities.

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