Emiratisation in the private sector will continue after 2026

Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Awar, Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation, affirmed that the pace of Emiratisation in the private sector will continue after 2026 at the same level, pointing to the unlimited support of the wise leadership in Emiratisation programmes in the private sector.

The minister said in response to the intervention of Obaid Al-Ghoul Al-Salami, a member of the Federal National Council, about what, after a year of appointing citizens in the private sector, will the salary determined by Nafis stop?

The subject of Emiratisation in the private sector is a package of integrated policies, and there is always a re-examination of the Emiratisation mechanisms.

The minister stated that companies that do not comply with the Emiratisation percentage will continue to pay the fines established after 2026, which are Dhs10,000 per month for each citizen who is not appointed in the event that the required Emiratisation percentage is not reached.

He said that the wages of citizens in the private sector are monitored through the wage protection system, pointing out that more than 72,000 inspection visits were carried out during the first quarter of 2023, and 430 suspected cases of fictitious settlement were confirmed, and then a number of violating companies were transferred to the competent authorities.

The minister said there is unlimited support from the wise leadership for immediate intervention to confront any practices related to circumvention of resettlement.

Source: Gulf Today